• We ♥ forests. Trees are vital, beautiful and provide a home to ¾ of all plant and animal species on Earth.
  • More than a billion of us rely on the resources that forests provide, but we forget how much we rely on them. Newspapers, aspirin, furniture - the list is endless…
  • Never has it been more essential to highlight the importance of trees at home and around the world.
  • 2011 is the International Year of Forests.
  • Sign up and tell us why you love forests, make a pledge to help forests and spread the word about Love Forests.
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So ... What will you do?

Here are some easy ways to help woodlands and forests by changing a few things in your life.

Tick the box next to the pledges you will commit to this year and then submit your pledges at the bottom.

I will buy toilet rolls with the Forest Stewardship Council logo on the pack.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) | What is FSC certification?

I will regularly visit my local woodland or forest.

Forestry Commission | Woodland Trust

When I buy wood and paper I will only choose products with the FSC logo. If I can't find them, I'll ask my retailer to stock FSC  products.

WWF: What Wood You Choose? | FSC | What is FSC certification?

I will plant a tree.

The Big Tree Plant | More Trees More Good | DEFRA | Forestry Commission | Woodland Trust | Jungle fever | Tree council | Community forests | Trees for cities | International Tree Foundation

I will only buy DIY products (flooring, decking or garden furniture) from companies that source timber responsibly.

DIY.COM: Forest Friendly | FSC | What is FSC certification?

I will support woodland businesses

I will try a UK based holiday and stay in a log cabin this year.

Forest Holidays

I will join a volunteer group and help a conservation project

Forestry Commission: Volunteer | WWF: Volunteer | Forestry Commission | WWF | Tree council | BTCV / Green Gym | Groundwork | Wildlife Trusts | International Tree Foundation

I will join one of the Love Forests family organisations and support their work.

WWF: Support us | Forestry Commission: Discovery Pass | Wildlife Trust: Volunteer | Wildlife Trust: Members